Ask Pencil and Eraser!
Is this a good representation of the MOD in my style?
((Actually it is pretty good! So, great job, Flyingtacoz!))

Is this a good representation of the MOD in my style?


((Actually it is pretty good! So, great job, Flyingtacoz!))


~Happy Birthday P & E xD

((Aw, thank you so much, askcray! I sure I could repay you for the gift at some time soon! ^U^))


~Happy Birthday P & E xD

((Aw, thank you so much, askcray! I sure I could repay you for the gift at some time soon! ^U^))

((Anyway, askcray and askmoxie told me Happy Birthday, which I thank them for that (Also, askcray had made a image for me, but it wouldn’t show when I posted it, so I made a dumb choice to delete it after publishing it on this blog, so, sorry askcray! >n<)! I’ll be at bed soon (Or now, if I’m tired.). So, good night people!))

((Since I only got one vote and all from which choice to make, I’ll just go with A., which means art requests are opened for both my ask blog, and mod blog here! So, go ahead, and ask me some art requests (A little note here. You can give me more than one art request, which I will accept (Unless if it’s a NSFW request.)!

Oh, I almost forgot! Today is my 14th Birthday! So, I will not be updating anything but a few things today (And don’t worry! I will be updating the asks after my birthday.). And… yep! That’s all I got right now, so I’ll be back to updating tomorrow~! (Also, I did put this on the last post, BUT, I was a bit of a idiot for doing that, which a few hours later I decided to make this and deleted the last part in the other post, so.. yeah..)))

Sorry for not updating for a while…

((Yeah, I’m pretty sorry for the lack of posts. I been busy from both the internet and real life, and that I have been lazy to finishing the special follower picture (Which I hadn’t got to finish it yet! :C). Sorry, but I won’t be finishing the special picture for you guys, because it’s taking me a long time to just finish it. D: So, as a little something for you guys for being lazy and for not going to finish the picture, I could either…

A: Take requests from all you people (Which can be a OC request, or something else. However, I won’t accept NSFW (Not Safe For Work) requests. It has to be SFW (Safe For Work) requests.).

B: Do a livestream and draw the answers in digital for now on (If I have the time to do one, which I might not.).


C: Answer every question I get from everyone (Even hate mail, which I don’t even give a crap about it.).

If any of you people don’t either of the 3 choices, then suggest me what you want. I might accept the suggestion, if you’re lucky.

Also… 3 followers away from 50?! ((Reaction for it, which is in a good way.)) Oh wow, thank you all so much for following me! I’m really happy to see all the nice people following me and all!

And another note, I’ll be drawing up some pictures of how Pencil and Eraser got their cutie marks, but, I was wondering if I could also show what their parents looked like when Pencil and Eraser were fillies. Should I do that, or not?))


(Dear god…why did I draw that.)

Pencil: Aw, that’s alright. Maybe at some time, if you want, we could pull pranks on each other for a while?

((Anyway, I promise, the special picture will be in the next update, it’s just that the picture is taking me longer than I expected. Also, after that special picture update, I’ll update with the questions in the inbox soon.))

Le gasp! 20 followers?!

((My gosh! Thank you all followers for following me (Including the latest follower, Thessalymi!)! You have all been very great since the beginning of the blog (Which has just been only about 2 months.), and I’m really grateful for that. Anyway, I’ll start making process for the special picture of the 20 followers (And also finish drawing  for the questions in the inbox, which I’ll try to finish those in a day or two.)! Expect the special picture to be done in a few days or so!))

Blow up my inbox.


  • Would you rather..
  • This or that
  • Personal questions
  • Creepy anons
  • Random questions
  • Advice
  • Love
  • Anonymous secrets
  • Anything you want!

((*Puts a sign saying, “Ask my blog character please!”, on a random table and then walks away*))

I made a Mod Blog!

((Since I used to not have one, I decided to have the time to make one, and yep. So, you could check out my Mod Blog here, if you want to.))

AH! I almost forgot to remind you people about something!

((I got 16 followers now (The latest follower is Apples in the Grass, which I thank her very much for following me. Oh, and I also thank for all the other followers for following too!), and even though I was thinking about drawing a picture about thanking for 15 followers when I got the 15th follower, I decided now that I could draw a special picture of all of my followers (And yes, the two ponies in this blog will be there to thank them.) when I reach to 20 followers, so until the mark is reached, Pencil and Eraser will be taking in some more questions. So, go ahead and ask those two ponies some questions!))